Gambling is a massively popular leisure activity. Over 4.2 billion people worldwide state that they have gambled in the last year. As such the online casino market is huge, with new sites opening regularly and corresponding landing pages such as directing to the latest sites.

Who are Netent and What Games do they Offer?

Netent was founded in Sweden in 1996 and employs over 200 staff in Sweden and Malta. They pride themselves on 'Driving the online casino market through better games'. is one of the pages directing to the latest netent casinos. Netent has a vast catalog of games including:

  1. Live-action table games
  2. Scratch card games
  3. Poker
  4. Mobile casino games
  5. Progressive jackpot games

Netent's specialty, however, is by far their online slot games. They offer both classic slot games and video slots. Their MegaFortune game has twice appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records due to its jackpot payouts. They have a catalog of over 120 slot games in total.

Who is Playtech?

Playtech was launched in 1999 and is based in Estonia. Their vision is based around the continual development of gaming products and content and removing the technology barrier for their customers. They are the world's largest online gaming software supplier to be traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Playtech is largely focused on responsible and safe gaming and supports the UK Gambling Commission's national strategy to reduce gambling harms. They also utilize BetBuddy, an analytics platform that allows them to identify and engage with individuals with behaviors indicating they are at risk.

What Games do Playtech Offer?

Playtech offers a range of casino games boasting a catalog of over 700 branded titles that were developed in-house. They have also acquired a number of other gaming companies including Origins, Ash Gaming, and Vikings. This has allowed Playtech to cater to a variety of tastes.

Playtech also offers 3D virtual sports and is a pioneer in this sector. They use market-leading graphics combined with Hollywood motion capture technology to provide a realistic and premium gaming experience. This is offered across a variety of sports including football, golf, and basketball.

What Jackpots and Bonuses are offered by Netent and Playtech?

Both Netent and Playtech are known for high RTP (Return to Player) percentages and progressive jackpots. Netent's RTP percentages are the highest around and frequently top 96%. Playtech offers RTP percentages which are in excess of 99% on a number of slots. Both have paid notable jackpot amounts:

  • Netent's Mega Fortune has paid the largest jackpot for an online slot and holds the Guinness world record.
  • Playtech has the largest progressive jackpot network with over 70 unique titles.

Both Netent and Playtech use Random Number Generator (RNG) software in their games. This works to ensure winners are random and the games are fair. Players can play with confidence that the games are not rigged in any way and they have a fair chance of winning.

Can you Trust Netent and Playtech and Which Should You Choose?

Both Netent and Playtech are licensed and regulated, with their licensing information available on their sites. This means that they are held accountable for the transactions that take place via their games, and so they are required to operate in a fair and transparent manner.

Both Netent and Playtech are major forces in the online gaming industry Whilst they are in competition, they each have different specialties, Netent produce premium quality video slots whilst Playtech develop cutting edge 3D Sports experiences. Players will prefer one or the other based on their own gaming preferences.