How to win at NetEnt games

NetEnt has been in existence for quite over two decades and has since been developing games that are interesting and irresistible. Their focus is in a few categories such as Video Slots, Table Games and Live casino games. If you want to learn more about online betting, you should check out 1netentcasino

How to get started

Winning at online casinos games is quite possible however, you will need a lot of luck on your side. Some games depend more on luck than others. For instance, video slot requires no tactic giving you no opportunity to increase your skill. If you want to learn more about choosing the best online casino, you should check out bestbboard

Your first focus is to look for games where you have a little amount of control by employing different strategies. Many of these games can be found in the table games category. Although the games depend on luck, but by improving your skill, you have the chance of reducing the rate at which you lose


Winning at table games

Now that we established the essence of focusing on the table games category among NetEnt games. The next step is to develop strategies that will help to improve the win rate. These strategies will be different for various games. If we take blackjack into consideration, you will first need to learn the gameplay.

Blackjack requires that you have a hand that is higher than the dealer and less than 22. The first thing you focus on is to make sure you keep your hand below 22. The simple way to do this is to always stand at hard 18. You should also split your Ace and when a pair 8.

Betting systems in casino games

When you want to develop strategies you can focus on the individual gameplay of the games or the overall bet process. Betting systems are methods that focuses on the betting process. There are different systems that have been created over time by players to beat the house. One of the common ones is the Fibonacci betting system.

The Fibonacci betting system is a system that is built on the Fibonacci sequence. The process involves increasing your bet in the multiple of the next number in the Fibonacci sequence when you lose a bet. This will continue until you record a win after which you can revert your bet back to the initial value.

Martingale betting system

The martingale betting system is also based on the process of the Fibonacci sequence. However, you are not following a sequence of number. The system requires you to double your bet for every bet you lose until a win is recorded after which the next bet will be the initial value you started with

The theory behind this strategy is that a player will recover his bet if the odds remain the same. The downside to the martingale and Fibonacci betting system is that it can lead to extremely high bets. This is, however, impossible since most casinos put a cap to the amount of bet you can place in a single round.

Card counting system

The card counting system is a very old strategy and is still relevant till date. The approach to this system is different but the Hi-lo method is one of the most common. This method requires you to give a value between +1, 0, -1 to a set of cards. These values can be used to track the cards.

Your job is to follow the cards distributed to you, the higher your count the more indication that there are still high cards in the deck and when your count is low, it indicates there will be more low cards in the deck. To become good at this, you will need to do a lot of practice.